Team Overview

Brett Filiault

General Manager

Brett rejoined the Inn January 2022 after having spent 10 years living in Boston and working for the Boston Harbor Hotel in various roles. Brett is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation and working closely with Walt and Joanne on the day-to-day operations. A Cape native, Brett enjoys traveling to his various favorite beaches throughout the Cape and is a reliable source for a summer afternoon activity or evening restaurant recommendation.

Brett Filiault photo
Walt Sullivan

Walt Sullivan


Walt has been the Beach Breeze Innkeeper for 20 years and is a true fixture on the property. Walt is a well-known and respected face of the Inn, and literally a generation of our guests have grown up knowing him and enjoying his excellent hospitality. Walt is a walking Cape Cod visitor guide who enjoys sharing his favorite dining, sightseeing, and “local” sites for sunsets or simply a wonderful beach.

Joanne Paull

Assistant Innkeeper

Joanne joined the team in 2018 and provides our guests with a wealth of information about Falmouth and Cape Cod. She enjoys assisting our guests with daily plans, meal alternatives, and even fantastic plant selections for their gardens here and at home.

Owen Filiault

Innovation Specialist

Owen, a full-time college student, has spent his entire life as a Beach Breeze family member. Many of our regulars have known him since he was a child. Owen is in charge of our social media, as well as handling nighttime and weekend duties throughout the summer. He grew up in Falmouth and provides a wonderful source of information about the area.

Don & Joyce Filiault


On July 1, 2002, Don and Joyce purchased the ShoreHaven Inn and renamed it the following year. While the Inn had been in operation since 1946, it was in need of not simply a renovation but also a new identity. Don can usually be found welcoming our guests for coffee in the morning or trading stories on the porch with our guests, though he is not as involved as he was in the early days. Don and Joyce are summer residents of Falmouth, and they continue to value the many friendships they have developed with our guests over the years.
Beach Breeze Inn owner with guests